Assessment and Data Analytics

Assessment and data analytics in Spring Lake Park Schools is used to provide timely, accurate and meaningful information to district staff and community to support our district vision of being a world-class learning community.


Why do we assess? Assessments help us answer questions like: ‘Are we teaching what we think we are teaching?’ ‘Are students learning what we think they are learning?’  The purpose of assessment in Spring Lake Park Schools is to gather data about student learning for a variety of uses. 

The assessment process may not look the same for all students. While students will be working towards the same learning outcomes or competencies, there may be times when collecting more and/or different information may be necessary to best understand where they are at and support them with where they are going. A student may demonstrate their learning in different ways, and they may demonstrate it on different timelines, based on their strengths, interests and needs.

It is essential to have a balanced system of assessments, as no single assessment can meet all of these purposes. In SLP, our balanced assessment system includes:

  • Assessments AS Learning for students to monitor and reflect on their own learning
  • Assessments FOR Learning to inform instruction and provide feedback
  • Assessments OF Learning to demonstrate achievement. 

Data Analytics and Research Requests


Kelly Stewart
Coordinator of Learning Analytics
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