Specialty Programs and Schools

Spring Lake Park Schools is personalizing student work and learning experiences! Other than our three K-4 elementary schools, a grades 5-8 intermediate and middle school and a grades 9-12 high school, we offer a variety of specialty programs and schools for families, including the following.

Spanish Immersion

at Woodcrest Elementary

Woodcrest Spanish Immersion offers programming for students in kindergarten-grade 4. Students learn to understand, speak, read and write in Spanish, increasing fluency levels each year they are in the program.

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Lighthouse School

for gifted and insatiable learners

The Lighthouse School is a unique educational opportunity for highly gifted students ages 6-18. Its uniqueness emerges in the curriculum approach that focuses on the 21st century skills of critical and creative thinking, inquiry, collaboration and competition.

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SLP Online

SLP Schools Online is Spring Lake Park Schools’ fully online learning option for students in grades K-12. At SLP Schools Online, students experience learning specific to their individual strengths, interests and needs covering the same concepts as their in-school peers but tailored to an online environment.

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Gifted Services

Spring Lake Park Schools' identifies gifted learners and provide services to maximize their potential by providing educational challenges appropriate to their needs.

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Personalized Learning

Each student in Spring Lake Park Schools is known by name, strength, interest and need, leading to personalized student work and learning experiences! Learn more about how we're creating personalized and engaging experiences so that each student feels valued, inspired and has a sense of belonging

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Career and College Readiness

When students leave the walls of Spring Lake Park Schools, we want them to have mastery over essential skills required for life, education and career success; exposure to college-level rigor; and, a sense of career paths that may bring them joy and success.

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