How does SLP Personalize Learning?

Education is not a one-size fits all approach anymore. Our staff work creatively and flexibly to decide what works best for each learner. Students and teachers co-design the learning collaboratively. While the traditional role of a teacher was to pass along information from their own brain and into the head of the student in the same way for all, today's teachers get to know the individual needs and interests of each learner to determine their best path to learning.

We are developing learner profiles and personal learning maps for each learner so both teachers and students know where each learner is at, where they are going, and the next step in each learner’s journey.

Throughout the day, teachers incorporate voice and choice so learners are able to take ownership of their learning. Engagement increases when learners can make individual decisions in what they learn and how they do it. This type of engagement results in rigorous learning outcomes being met. Click here to learn more about what personalized learning looks like in our classrooms and watch the video below.

How does Personalized Learning look in our schools?