World Language

Spring Lake Park Schools continues to enhance the multi-lingual and world language learning opportunities for students. These opportunities are provided through a variety of program and course options.

Multi-lingual and world language learning opportunities included the following:

K-12 Immersion

Students can begin immersion programming at Woodcrest Spanish Immersion, the district’s K-4 immersion school. The immersion program is continued at Westwood for students in grades 5 and 6. In grade 7-12, students can continue their immersion experience by taking two of their six academic courses in Spanish. Immersion students at the high school, who have attained proficiency in Spanish, will also have opportunities to earn college level credits in Spanish.

Spanish 7-12 and German 7-12

Students in grade 7 can choose to take an introductory Spanish class every other day. As early as grade 8, students can opt into an everyday Spanish 1 course for high school credit. Students who continue with this sequence and attain certain proficiency levels will have the opportunity to earn college credits as early as their fourth year of studying a language.

Heritage Spanish Speakers

Heritage Spanish speakers have opportunities to join immersion students in the Juntos program, starting as early as grade 6. Testing for entrance into this programming occurs in the spring of grade 5. Students who are in high school and have completed three or more years of world language will have an opportunity to take a test to earn a bilingual seal.