Spanish Immersion

Spring Lake Park Schools offers Spanish Immersion opportunities from preschool through high school, where students have the opportunity to earn college level credits in Spanish. 

What is Immersion? 

More than thirty years of research indicates that immersion is the most effective type of language acquisition instruction. Students are immersed in the target language in their classroom. The target language is the primary spoken language by the instructor and eventually the students. The goal of language immersion is for students to become proficient in the target language and increase cultural and global awareness. Students develop proficiency in the target language by hearing and using it to learn all of the school subjects, rather than studying the language itself. The immersion teacher speaks the target language the entire time is grades K-2. Although kindergarten students speak to their teacher and classmates in English within a few years the students speak the Spanish language the majority of the time as well.

Spanish Immersion Opportunities