Design Studios

Often, our efforts focus on reform. We might make a few small tweaks to our lessons or units, or make incremental changes to the way we work, but fundamentally, things stay the same. The impact is not great enough. Instead, let’s focus our work on transformation and creating alternatives that haven’t existed before. If we want drastically different results, we must work drastically different.

Teachers and other staff members in Spring Lake Park Schools have the opportunity to explore and transform through Design Studios. Attending a Design Studio reminds us that the solutions to opportunities and challenges lie within the people in the room. Design Studios provide time and energy to be focused on learning how to use a design thinking process to personalize learning experiences for students or innovate on structures and operations. Design Studios can be tailored to tackle any problem or opportunity a Spring Lake Park Schools staff member is facing.

Do you have a… 

  • A new idea you'd love to bring to life?
  • A hard-to-learn, hard-to-teach, critical to know learning outcome?
  • A unit that you’d like to redesign to capitalize on student engagement?
  • A nagging problem or new opportunity you'd like to explore in any part of our organization?

If so, contact Elizabeth Nordgren or staff can submit their idea through My SLP Idea.

Together, we will walk through the design process and provide opportunities to use our 3D methodology and toolkit to design innovations that offer viable solutions and make the most of our collective creativity. We simply ask that you approach the Design Studio with curiosity and persistence, a willingness to learn and reflect, and a commitment to developing and implementing your work.

Staff members in Spring Lake Park Schools have the opportunity to explore and transform their teaching or tackle a problem or opportunity through Design Studios.