3D Design Methodology

It’s no secret that we have challenges in the world of education. It’s not for lack of trying —we work hard and put in long hours trying to revise and improve upon what we do — but we struggle to find new answers that really make a difference. Often, our efforts focus on reform — we think about the needs of the system, and make a few tweaks to a model that is still fundamentally the same. But, as Einstein said, “We can’t solve our problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” So how do we move from reformation to transformation, where we consider new alternatives that haven’t existed before? 

Design thinking utilizing Spring Lake Park’s 3D Design process is one approach that can help us get at those innovative solutions. Through three distinct yet overlapping spaces, 3D Design leverages a focus on the needs and wants of those we’re designing for, an avenue for generating transformative ideas, and a system for putting those ideas into practice. Throughout each space, a dedicated focus on achieving desired outcomes leads us closer to the innovative solutions we strive for as a district.

Read below for more information about each space of the 3D Design Process: Discover, Design, and Deliver and be sure to watch our 3D Design video. Download a PDF version of the 3D Design image here.

First page of the PDF file: 3DDesignfinal

SLP 3D Design Playbook

Our SLP 3D Design Playbook was created to support the implementation of our 3D design methodology any time, any place. We have two versions of our playbook - The Essential Playbook highlights our most critical methods, and works great for any design opportunities that might have a shorter timeframe or a smaller scope. Our Everything Playbook includes methods from the Essential Playbook as well as several additional methods that might support a design opportunity with a longer timeframe or a larger scope. 

Download the Playbooks below: