Language Arts

Students learn to think critically and communicate through listening, speaking, reading, writing and thinking.

We believe each student will read thoughtfully and write to communicate with others. Reading and writing learning involves students developing foundational skills and proficiency in applying comprehension skills and strategies. Students learn through engagement in high quality literature and informational texts and collaborating and conversing with each other to share ideas and gain multiple perspectives. Students at all grade levels utilize the writing process to compose narrative, informative, and opinion texts. Close attention is paid to students’ thinking, including understandings and mistakes, in order to provide an appropriate level of feedback and support.

Local Literacy Plan

The purpose of this literacy plan is to ensure that all students will achieve grade-level proficiency and read well by the end of Grade 3, in accordance with Minnesota Statute 120B.12 – Read Well By Third Grade.

View the 2022 Spring Lake Park Schools Local Literacy Plan

Grade-Level Language Arts Learning