College in the Schools

Spring Lake Park High School students can earn college credit without leaving the SLPHS campus by taking introductory-level courses. The College in the Schools (CIS) program offers a high-quality partnership that bridges high schools with higher educational institutions, such as the University of Minnesota (UMN). Courses taught through CIS are the same courses that are offered on the university campus.

CIS alumni surveys have consistently shown that 89-95% of respondents who requested credit recognition from colleges and universities other than the UMN were successful at having some or all of their credits recognized.

In CIS courses, students can: 

  • earn free college credits that are highly transferable
  • demonstrate their learning on multiple and varied assessments throughout the course, rather than on a single, high-stakes test
  • experience the faster pace and increased rigor of U of M courses

Parent's Guide to College and Career Readiness

The College Readiness Consortium at the University of Minnesota works in partnership with Pre-K−12 educators and others to increase the number and diversity of Minnesota students who graduate from high school with the knowledge, skills, and habits for success in higher education. Click here to help your student determine if they are ready.

CIS German Courses Saving Students Money

Spring Lake Park High School has offered College in the Schools (CIS) Intermediate German 1003 and 1004 through the University of Minnesota since 2004. The University of Minnesota College in the Schools is accredited by the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP).

Since the partnership began, SLP CIS German students have saved around $1.3 million in tuition at no cost to them. Through the CIS program, students earn high school and university credits at the same time.

SLPHS offers CIS German 1003 in year three and 1004 in year four. These courses use the same materials, tests, quizzes, grading system and syllabi as on campus at the U of M, but are used at a more manageable pace and are offered at SLPHS. With the savings earned for the 10 credits through the 1003 and 1004 Intermediate German courses and the potential for students to earn five retroactive credits for 1002, students and their families can potentially save thousands of dollars in tuition. 

Students who go through all four years of the SLP CIS German program almost always test into German at the junior-year college level and are only a few courses short of a minor when they enter college as freshmen. No matter which institution students attend after high school, almost all can easily transfer their U of M credits, earn retroactive credits and/or be exempt from college language coursework for their work at SLPHS.

Teacher Education CIS Course

New in 2018-19, Spring Lake Park began offering the CIS Teacher Education I Course: Exploring the Teaching Profession

This course is designed to give students an entry point into pursuing a career in education by providing both content knowledge and field experiences. Students explore the self as a teacher, the culture of teaching, student learning and the sociocultural and political influences on teaching and learning. Students will consider the role of equity in working with diverse students and develop reflective practices. In addition, students in the course will participate in discussions, write reflective papers and engage in small group activities. Throughout the year, students will work with younger students as an intern in a local elementary, middle or high school classroom, under the supervision of a mentor teacher. Students can earn 2 college credits through the University of Minnesota.