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Customized Learning by Design

  • Establish and implement instructional design framework to improve student engagement and customized learning

    Why: Teachers and staff throughout the district have worked collectively to clarify and align grade level and course essential learning outcomes, and the formative and summative assessments and practices that measure student progress, in recent years. These efforts now require us to develop methodology and tools to support teachers in designing student work and learning experiences that meet the interests and needs of students, and that are aligned with our essential learning outcomes and result in improved results. It is really all about enhancing student engagement. These course, unit, and lesson design tools will be guided by a design thinking methodology, providing a process for instructional innovation, bringing ideas to practice.

    Key Achievement Points

    • Create framework for design of customized learning and ‘open source’ warehouse for exemplar units and lessons
    • Develop customized learning framework for course, unit, and lesson design
    • Designed and implemented ongoing design studios for teachers