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K-8 Reading Block

  • Implement refined elementary reading block to improve each student’s reading proficiency

    Why: We need to continue working on quality reading instruction to improve results and so that all students are reading proficiently at key benchmarks, and ultimately, prior to entering high school. During 2014-15, we partnered with the District Management Council to review current instruction within the elementary reading block and evaluate this against best practice strategies. This resulted in a revision of the reading block structure and expectations and was accompanied by professional learning opportunities throughout the year. Additionally, we changed staffing models to provide more intensive support for all students. We will maintain our focus on the elementary reading block, and expand this focus to the middle school level, by providing continued professional learning on, and ensuring system-wide implementation of, research-based practices in the teaching of reading.

    Key Achievement Points

    • Design and implement professional learning of refined reading block and close reading to K-8 teachers
    • Design and implement professional learning on phonics instruction (K-3)
    • Identify common resources to address essential-to-know, hard-to-teach learning targets (K-8)