Our Schools


Accelerating Student Learning

  • Implement K-12 academic, behavior and attendance interventions to effectively accelerate the learning and achievement of all learners while targeting needs of struggling learners

    Why: This past year we did extensive work to identify interconnected best practices that help struggling students achieve at higher levels. The District Management Council was a key partner in this work. We are now focused on deepening the implementation of these practices throughout the district. These practices include ensuring all students have access to a rigorous general education curriculum, maintaining a coordinated and sustained focus on reading, and targeting customized interventions for all students while modifying schedules to provide extra time to learn with content strong teachers for struggling learners. In addition to these academic supports, we will continue implementing strategies to support students who struggle behaviorally and/or with attendance.

    Key Achievement Points


    • Assess scope of change and initial implementation, identify successes and areas for refinement
    • Establish system, refining existing measures and identifying new, to effectively assess student growth and guide teacher assignments


    • Refine K-12 Student Expectation processes and practices to be implemented K-5, 6-8, 9-12
    • implement and monitor processes and practices described in Student Expectation Plan


    • Update processes at each school and across the district for monitoring absenteeism, partnering with parents of students struggling with attendance and the pathway towards chronic absenteeism