Innovation Configurations

  • Spring Lake Park Schools uses innovation configurations as a planning and monitoring tool for school and district initiatives. The innovation configurations are used at the district, school, team, and teacher level to reflect on practice, monitor implementation, and plan for professional learning. An innovation configuration may look like a rubric, but it is not an evaluation tool. Rather, it is used to guide reflective practice.

    When innovation configurations are created, three questions are continually asked:

    1. What does the innovation look like when it is in use?
    2. What would I see in classrooms where it is used well (and not as well)?
    3. What will teachers and students be doing when the innovation is in use?

    The result is a tool that can be used to:

    • Describe a new initiative to stakeholders
    • Set long-range and interim goals
    • Establish realistic expectations and create timelines to implement the initiative
    • Guide teachers, teams, and principals in reflective practice
    • Gather data to diagnose emerging staff needs for professional development
    • Monitor and gauge implementation through observations

    Teacher leaders, administrators, and coordinators from throughout the district created the innovation configurations used in Spring Lake Park. They are used to:

    • Guide individual teacher reflection and professional growth
    • Guide team reflection and professional growth
    • Guide school and leadership team reflection and professional growth
    • Guide school and district reflection of progress toward vision through the measurement on the vision scorecards


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