Achievement & Integration Plan

  • The Achievement and Integration for Minnesota program was established to pursue racial and economic integration and increase student academic achievement, create equitable educational opportunities, and reduce academic disparities based on students' diverse racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds in Minnesota public schools.

    Spring Lake Park Schools’ Achievement and Integration Plan includes the following goals:

    • Reducing disparities in academic achievement among all students and specific categories of students as designated under Minnesota Rule, including: American Indian/Alaskan Native; Asian/Pacific Islander; Hispanic; Black; and Free/Reduced Price Lunch
    • Increasing racial and economic integration in schools and districts

    Spring Lake Park Schools’ Achievement and Integration Plan components include: 

    Family Engagement Programming

    Spring Lake Park Schools offers Parent Academy, based upon the Parent Institute for Quality Education program. Outcomes of Parent Academy include supporting parents and families in:

    • Creating a home learning environment                           
    • Developing skills for collaborating with school staff
    • Understanding the emotional and social development of their children
    • Navigating the school system and necessary information for postsecondary and college options

    Integrated Learning Environment

    Spring Lake Park Schools offers elementary, middle, and high school students an opportunity to collaborate at the school level, and with students and families across the metro area, to increase cultural fluency, competency, and interaction by participating in inter-district classroom partnerships, Lovin’ the Skin I’m In and the EMID Youth Executive Board. Outcomes for students include:

    • Engage in standards-based learning with inter-district, cooperative learning teams
    • Increase confidence with leadership roles in school
    • Increase ability in working with students of different races, cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds, and seeing commonalities and differences between themselves and others
    • Increase knowledge of historical, cultural, and self-identity
    • Develop critical thinking and innovative problem-solving skills

    Career and College Readiness for Underserved Students

    Spring Lake Park Schools works with underserved students to reduce the barriers that may be preventing students from taking Advanced Placement, Honors courses, or embedded college courses. Outcomes for students include:

    • Earlier exposure to and success with highly rigorous coursework
    • Ability to earn transferable college credit while still in high school
    • Opportunities to partner with students and staff from neighboring districts while completing rigorous coursework
    • Achieve college-ready benchmarks on college readiness indicators and college entrance exams

    Research-Based Interventions

    Research-Based Interventions that include formative assessment practices to reduce achievement disparities by race: Spring Lake Park Schools participates in the Young Scholars initiative to increase the proportion of historically underrepresented students in K-5 gifted and talented programming. Through Young Scholars, students are provided an educational setting that raises their personal expectations and prepares hem for more challenging and rigorous coursework and academic programs. Outcomes for students include:

    • Increased access to and participation in accelerated and differentiated learning experiences
    • Engagement in challenging learning experiences that help younger students acquire the advanced knowledge, understanding, and skills that they will need in order to be competitive in challenging programs
    • Increase self-efficacy

    Training Teachers and Administrators

    Spring Lake Park Schools is committed to job-embedded, professional learning opportunities to improve the achievement of all students. Outcomes for teachers include:

    • Transform classrooms to learning platforms focused on student engagement
    • Build cultural proficiency to respond to students in ways that educate each child to achieve high academic standards
    • Design engaging student learning experiences through Spring Lake Park’s 3D design methodology (discover, design, deliver) to impact student learning and achievement
    • Deepen use of technology in profound and innovative ways that impact learning and achievement

    Click here to read the 2014-15 Achievement & Integration Plan progress report.