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Educational Services

  • The Educational Services department has oversight of all learning and teaching processes across the district. The core purpose of the department is to operate as a true services center to schools by providing high-quality, learner-centric, educational services that equip and support the schools in meeting the district’s vision for the future.

    The Educational Services department has oversight of the following areas:

    In 2015-16, Educational Services staff is working in partnership with school leadership teams to design and implement the following district operational plan projects aligned with strategic anchors and initiatives:

    Strategic Anchor: Engaged and Enthusiastic Learners

    Align work of adults to continuously improve personalized instruction and responsiveness to meet our students’ unique and varied needs.

    • Accelerating Student Learning: Implement K-12 academic, behavior and attendance interventions to effectively accelerate the learning and achievement of all learners while targeting needs of struggling learners 
    • K-8 Reading Block: Implement refined elementary reading block to improve each student’s reading proficiency 
    • Essential Learning Outcomes and Assessments: Continue to refine and enhance implementation of Essential Learning Outcomes and assessments in core content areas 
    • Embedded College and Post-Secondary Success: Design articulation agreement with Anoka-Ramsey for embedded college implementation, expand articulation opportunities, and design seminar courses at the secondary level for implementation of academic, life and career skills 
    • World Languages: Continue world language study, identify K-12 world language offerings and design implementation for fall 2016 and 2017 

    Strategic Anchor: Communications and Connections

    Increase the connection, engagement and support of our families and communities.

    • Personalized Learning Plans, Grading, and Conferences: Continue design and phase-in of personalized learning plans, initiate implementation of grading enhancements, and enhance communication with parents about student learning while ensuring a timely response when students struggle
    • Increased Support of Families: Continue to refine grades 6-12 dean model and implement Student/Family Advocate positions to provide support to students and their families 

    Strategic Initiative: Innovative and Customized Learning

    Develop innovative learning practices and options that capitalize on staff creativity, position the district to adapt to emerging technology, and meet the needs, interests, and aspirations of our students.

    • Digital Learning Opportunities: Enhance and expand blended and online learning opportunities for students, and determine next steps for 1:1 digital initiative 
    • Customized Learning by Design: Establish and implement instructional design framework to improve student engagement and customized learning 
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