You can enroll in our Spring Lake Park Online Learning Program full time (Comprehensive). Please note that if you are interested in enrolling full time, you can not be enrolled in any other Minnesota public school. You must first withdraw from your current school prior to enrolling in an SLP Online Learning.

Please read the student handbook before downloading the enrollment packet.


Students attending OTHER school districts in Minnesota can stay enrolled at their home district and enroll part time in SLP Online Learning (Supplemental). If you are interested in Supplemental enrollment, print the Supplemental Notice of Student Enrollment.

Send your enrollment papers to:

Spring Lake Park Online Learning

1100 81st Avenue NE
Spring Lake Park, MN 55432

For more information, contact:

Steve Brady, 763-600-5100, sbrady@district16.org


About Us

Design your learning plan

As an SLP Online Learning student you will begin your journey by meeting (online or in person) with a support teacher to discuss the courses and credits needed to graduate from high school.  You will then design your Journey to Graduation by selecting your courses and the term they will be assigned.

Project-based electives

For each term you have the opportunity to develop a number of projects customized to your interests.

If you are an artist, or an athlete,
If you are fascinated by astrology or technology,
A course can be designed by you and for you!

The possibilities are unlimited!

Let the journey begin!

Contact a support teacher below to Customize Your Education Today!

Steve Brady – 763-600-5100

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