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Bus Stop Information and Schedules

Bus Route information will be mailed to families on or about August 20. To make a bus stop change request after receiving this information, please contact 763-600-5590 or

Late Bus, Lost & Found

If you need to report or ask a question about an extra-late-arriving bus of more than 15 minutes, or if your child has left something on a bus, please call:

Lorenz Bus Service: 763-201-8888 
Voigt's Bus Service (Special Education Routes): 763-571-1241


Transportation Safety Guides & Procedures


Safe Bus Transportation

Spring Lake Park Schools Bus Policies

It is very important that students and their parents/guardians read and understand this section of bus transportation information. District 16 students who are eligible for school bus transportation are bused by privately-owned bus companies contracted by the school district. Please note that as changes in student enrollment occur during the year, bus route times will occasionally change.

Items not allowed on bus to or from school

If an item can be safely carried in a bag and on a student’s lap, without interfering with the space of another passenger, it will be accepted.

Certain items listed here will NEVER be accepted. Any items not on this list that are of dangerous or objectionable nature will not be permitted and will be determined by the Transportation Department or Bus Company at any time.

Musical Instruments Sporting Equipment  Weapons  Flamable Objects

French Horn

School Projects

Live or Dead Animals (mice, rats, snakes, cats, dogs, insects, fish, etc.)
Shop Projects (tables, gun racks, shelves, etc.)
Small Engines

Balls-any type (unless in a bag)
Bat not in a bat bag
Fishing Poles
Golf Clubs
Skates not in a bag
Skis/Ski Poles
Tennis Rackets (unless in a bag)
Lacrosse Sticks
Hockey Sticks & Equipment

Rakes & Shovels

Archery Equipment
Guns (loaded or unloaded)
Toy Guns
Metal Knuckles
Tear Gas
Throwing Stars

Drugs and Alcohol

Gas Cans
Lighter Fluid
Spray Paint

Glass breakable objects
Laser Pens

One drop-off site

For your child's' safety, only one drop-off site will be used. Following school, your child will be dropped off at the same location at the end of each school day. This is to prevent children from getting lost or confused.

Moving? Changing daycare sites?

If you are planning on moving or changing your daycare site, please contact the Transportation Department at 763-600-5590. A move or change in daycare could change your child's elementary school. For a kindergartner, it could change the school to the morning or afternoon session. Please contact us before you move or change daycare sites.

Transportation safety issues

To avoid injury to your child, please check all clothing for drawstrings and oversize toggles that could become caught on buses or playground equipment. All of the buses used by the district have been modified to meet all current safety standards. Also, for your child's safety, please talk to your child about staying seated while on the bus and about keeping all body parts inside the bus at all times.

Most of the district's buses are at capacity. Therefore, only students who are scheduled to be on a bus will be allowed to ride that bus. This means that students cannot ride a bus other than their regular bus to parties or other after-school activities at another student's home. Also, students cannot ride a different bus to school from a location other than their home or daycare in the morning. Questions or concerns regarding transportation of your child during the school year should be directed to your school principal. Working together, we can keep the students of District 16 as safe as possible while being transported to and from school.